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Yes, You can Attend a Top University in the U.S.

Attending a highly ranked University with a top reputation often seems out of reach for students who have not “aced" every single course or have perfect test scores. Too many dismiss themselves as candidates, “shoot low,” and do not maximize their background in presenting it to colleges. The reality is that Universities seek diversity within their student body, and students often do not realize that their experiences offer incredible value and uniqueness.

Presenting yourself for admission to a university is an art, and also a profound personal growth process. Digging deep and enumerating the experiences in your life that you might assume are commonplace is the first step. These experiences do not have to be particularly unusual; everyone’s life contains moments or sentiments that are important. Writing about your core values and goals, and what genuinely "makes you tick” as a person, will capture an admission officer’s attention if woven together in a well organized, well written, and attention grabbing essay.

Further, researching each university’s specific programs, professors, publications and environment is critical for a strong application. Not only should you propound your best self, you must also show “fit” between your particular goals and the university’s offerings. Wide ranging knowledge of the various universities will help to narrow application targets. Spending time reading faculty research, publications, and detailed course descriptions will help show fit when tied in with past personal experiences and passions.

A creative presentation will go a very long way with admissions officers. A picture of a meaningful moment through perfect prose, or a clear description of a difficult challenge, will set your application apart form the many thousands applying. Lisa and Laura will help you brainstorm your past and passions, research your ideal educational institutions and programs, and present your application in the most unique, well-organized, and poignant way possible. We have loved helping our students gain admission to the very best universities in the United States, setting them on their path to future fulfillment and success!

Laura Rolnick

Principal at Essay Prose

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